WNET GIG - a new standard for Internet connection for business at speeds from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps


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ReLaunch Your business at a Gigabit speed

  • Life online is today's business reality
  • Innovations make Internet connection quality and speed requirements grow every year
  • Gigabit speed will ensure uncompromised simultaneous work of online conferences and meetings, streaming, video meetings with clients, exchange of large files, IoT and much more
  • Prepare for the future - gigabit fiber connectivity today means confidence in your technology for years to come
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Gigabit speed via fiber - double power for your business

  • 100% fiber-optic FTTS connection - optical fiber comes to the client's equipment
  • Maximum resiliency is ensured - all equipment (including in business centers) is equipped with autonomous power supplies from 4 hours up
  • Instead of using outdated media converters, we provide an SFP module for converting an optical signal
  • We provide equipment (including Wi-fi) that accepts fiber, if necessary
  • Guaranteed SLA 99.5% and up

Comparison of technologies

Why "home" solutions don`t fit business needs

  • WNET Gig
  • Dedicated fiber directly to customer's equipment
  • Independence from other subscribers
  • Guaranteed symmetrical individual speed up to 10Gbps
  • We support any specifications for building a corporate network (L2 / L3VPN, etc.)
  • Security of connection:
  • PON
  • One optical fiber for 64 customers
  • If another client turns on the “wrong” equipment, the service will stop working for everyone
  • 2.54 Gbps speed for all customers
  • The technology is designed for "home" networks
  • Security of connection:
  • Twisted pair
    • Fiber to the building only
    • If traffic usage in a building increases sharply, service degradation is possible
    • Maximum speed 1 Gbps under best conditions
    • Increasing speed is a costly and time-consuming process, requires updating
  • Security of connection:

Our expertise for your business

  • Personalized service. Special attention to the individual business needs
  • Proactive support 24x7x365 - transparent monitoring system MONIKA
  • 40+ additional IT services. We can release you from routine work and provide the necessary resources and equipment thus reducing your costs
  • 4000+ corporate clients choose us for professional and high-quality service
  • 25 years of B2B experience in Ukraine, USA and Europe
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Special IT offer

Audit your local or Wi-Fi network

Valid for new and current customers who choose a speed from 1 Gbps and up


Map of WNET availability

Connection at points of presence up to 3 working days

8000+ km

own fiber network




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  • Interested in route delays?

    Check routes between cities of presence in real time




Our Gigabit customers entrust their business to WNET
  • Our company buys 4 Gbps from this provider, the quality is good, tech support is constantly monitoring the status of the channels and will call you even at night to inform that there are problems. (This usually happens when we configure our network equipment) Even when their over-the-top attention seems annoying. They won't leave you alone until they get through :) Therefore, we can recommend WNET as a great business partner for the provision of Internet services.

    Danylo Brezhniev, Director Hosting-X LLC

  • I have been working with this company as a corporate client for many years. And I have only a positive impression of the service and the attitude towards the client) From my point of view, a very important advantage of an Internet provider is the ability to solve any tech problems by communicating with technical specialists directly. Accidents, malfunctions occur with all providers with different frequency. But how these issues are resolved, starting with communication on the phone to the speed of reaction and even works at the client's site, if necessary ... It's hard to imagine someone better) I am very grateful for your work! I am very grateful to your support! And special thanks to the manager)

    Ihor Papusha .

  • We have been working with WNET for several years already. We buy telecommunications services in big amounts. I am very pleased with the attitude towards customers, the prompt responses of the support staff and the manager, the feedback from the service quality control department. I can confidently recommend this operator for cooperation.

    Vitalii Pelin, General manager UNIT-DC

  • Nowadays, it is very important to have partners who will not let you down in difficult times. We have found such a partner. We would like to note the professionalism of our personal manager and technical support, we can always call and get answers from an actual person, not robots. And the speed, of course, gigabit flies!

    Oleksii Nudha, Technical Specialist MC group

  • We have been cooperating with WNET for several years. All our needs for internet connection, IP telephony have always been met. With the beginning of the quarantine regime, many things had to be rebuilt. We were pleasantly surprised that WNET provide such as faster streaming of data up to 1 Gbps. In addition, the personal manager did it in minutes. We are glad that such a reliable partner is with us at such a difficult time. Andrey Popazov IT Director - Comodo, Ukraine

    Andrey Popazov, IT Director Comodo, Ukraine

  • We have been working with WNET for many years. The problems that arose during the operation of the channels were solved quickly and efficiently. Since the beginning of quarantine, our traffic usage has sharply increased. We were pleasantly surprised that WNET quickly increased its data transfer speed to 3Gbps. We are glad to have such a reliable partner with us.

    Yevhen Pshenychnyi, Head of Network Infrastructure Department DTEK Service

  • In only few clicks, WNET Gig will speed up your business

    What speed of fiber-optic Internet do you wish to receive in your office?

    • IT audit of your local or Wi-Fi network with recommendations 190 USD FREE OF CHARGE

      Want to know how to optimally place Wi-Fi hotspots so that stable coverage is everywhere? Or you do have a network of connected offices and need to check whether everything is set up correctly and securely connected?

  • In only few clicks, WNET Gig will speed up your business

  • In only few clicks, WNET Gig will speed up your business

  • In only few clicks, WNET Gig will speed up your business

    Your personal WNET manager is already processing the application. Expect feedback as soon as possible